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Our mission

Our mission is to help people improve their health, to make their lives better.

About us

Research and Production Closed Joint-Stock Company (NP ZAO) “Malkut” is a manufacturer of fast-dissolving vitamin-mineral complexes and pharmaceutical products. All products are created for children and adults by using criteria of evidence-based medicine, according to the original formulas. NP ZAO “Malkut” is a customer-orientated company.

Our aim is to create products that meet the consumer’s needs.

Our history

NP ZAO “Malkut” was founded in 1997 with the support of the world pharmaceutical leader – F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Switzerland. The company F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. took part in equipment selection, its adjustment and creation of the initial product’s formulas.

NP ZAO “Malkut” is the only manufacturer of fast-dissolving vitamin-mineral complexes in Belarus since company foundation. We offer 15 complexes for different purposes, seven of them for children and adolescent, eight – for adults.

2016-2017 We conducted a rebranding of the dietary supplements to get closer to the consumer. After a new production line launched we started a creation of pharmaceutical products.

Manufacture peculiarities

For the production of vitamin-mineral complexes and pharmaceutical products we use raw material of European leading manufacturers, such as:

  • DSM Nutritional Products (Швейцария,,
  • MERCK KGaA (Германия,,
  • Lonza (Швейцария,,
  • Cargil GMbH (Германия,

We control the quality of our products at all production stages. Each batch (series) of products undergoes control at microbiological, radiological, toxicological and also physical-chemical parameters. Our equipment is certified and corresponds to the international standard GMP.

Unique formula of vitamin-mineral complexes

For more then 20 years we have been developing and producing vitamin-mineral complexes for human health

  • by original formulas,
  • оn the base of world experience and evidence-based medicine,
  • using expert knowledge of scientists of the Ministry of Health and the National Academy of Sciences in nutritional field,
  • without the use of preservatives and artificial colours.

Effectiveness of the fast-dissolving formula

NP ZAO “Malkut” produces vitamin-mineral complexes and pharmaceutical products in fast-dissolving tablets form, which provides our products with additional bioaccessibility and safety.

Advantages of fast-dissolving tablets over pills or capsules:

  • after tablets dissolving in water we get a pleasant beverage, which doesn’t cause irritation of a gastric mucosa and intestine that can occur when pill or capsule dissolves partially in nonoptimal part of the alimentary canal,
  • taking of the fast-dissolving tablets solves the problem with swallowing that can be based on physiological or psychological factors. In particular, children under the 6 years old are not advised to take pills or capsules because of the risk of aspiration and laryngospasm or other life-threatening conditions,
  • in comparison with general pills, a dissolving form of tablets accelerates the process of absorption and increase digestion (bioaccessibility) of active components, especially in synergy with Actilease® (DSM) technology.

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